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Tuesday October 24, 2017
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Once Again

In May, in Quebec Canada, Ken broke once again a Silver Dollar Deadlift record. He made a sucessful lift of 1 111lbs.


Ken set a new world record in the Silver Dollar Deadlift on Saturday with a lift of 1,125 pounds. After setting the new record he attempted 1,155 pounds but could not quite lock it out.


Ken will be doing a silver dollar deadlift exhibition at the 2nd annual North Bay Pain and Glory Strongman Competition in Petaluma California on August 23, 2008. If you are in the area come by the Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds and see if Ken can break his existing deadlift record of 1,111 pounds.


Ken will be competing in the Met-Rx All American Strongman Challenge February 16-18 in Los Angeles. The top six from this contest will qualify for the 2007 World's Strongest Man Super Series.


On Saturday, September 3rd, Ken broke his previous record of 1 062.5lbs at the Silver Dollar Deadlift sat in Gatineau in 2001. He made a successful lift of 1 071lbs and then broke the record again with a successful lift of 500 kilos or 1 102.3lbs.


Ken had a knee surgery last year and will be training hard to return to 100%. Ken hopes to compete in Canada in the Fall.


Ken finished third place overall and won the truck deadlift setting a new world record of 1,030 pounds!


The 2002 season is coming soon, contests planned for 2002 so far include Ohio Valley Strongman contest in May, Canada vs the World in June and Sierra Strongman Shootout in California in June.


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