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Tuesday October 24, 2017
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North American Championship
Regina Saskatchewan, Canada, November 23 to 25, 2003
photographer : NA
Truck deadlift new world record of 1,030 pounds World record from another angle Shield Carry Viking Press Viking Press Getting focused fotr the deadlift Ken with Canadian strongman, Steve "the model" Bourgeois Ken with Canadian strongman, Geoff Dolan Ken with American strongman, Jon Anderson Ken with American strongman, Jon Anderson
Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, August 29 to September 1, 2003
photographer : NA
Ken Brown on the car deadlift hold The Farmer's Walk The Log Lift Heavy Objects Carry (part of the Medley against Steve Bourgeois, CAN) Atlas Stones Viking Press Wheelbarrow Super Yoke
X-Treme Strongman Challenge - West Coast Qualifier
Ventura, California, USA, June 28, 2003
photographer : George Kline
Ken Brown & Jared Spybrook Entire group of athletes The Conan Wheel Getting prepared Tire Flip Tire Flip Log Lift for reps Log Lift for reps Deadlift hold
Gatineau HotAir Balloon Festival
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, September 2001
photographer : Caroline Gaudreault
Ken in the second part of the Medley (Tire Flip followed by Super Yoke) Ken in the Truck Pull event Ken try to find a good grip on the rope Ken is walking the Farmer's Walk Ken in the Deadlift Hold event Waiting to do the Hercules Hold event Ken is holding on Ken doing the Log Lift The first of the five Atlas Rocks Ken try to make a new World Record at the Silver Dollar Deadlift event... ...And he did it with 1062,5 lbs
Beauty and the Beast
Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2001
Ken is preparing to do the Log Lift for repetitions Ken at the Super Yoke event Ken at the Tire Flip event
World Strongest Man
Malta, September 1999
The Loading Medley The Truck Pull The Crucifix Heavy Objects Loading The Crucifix Car Deadlift against Hugo Girard
World Strongest Man
Honolulu, Hawaii, June 1999
The Farmer's Walk
Miscellaneous photographs
Ken in powerlifting competition doing the Bench Press
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